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Making sure that your dog has a comfortable and cozy place to sleep or rest is very important for your dog's health. By purchasing a bed for your dog, you're helping prevent health related issues like arthritis, calluses, or back problems in your dog's senior hood. At Petmate, our pet beds are made with high-quality fabrics and are filled with fluffy and firm fills to help keep your pet as comfortable as possible. We offer a wide variety of dog bedding styles that each has their own set of pros for dogs of all breeds.

ELEVATED DOG BEDS: Spoil your dog with a Petmate elevated dog bed. These dog beds are a step up from a traditional dog beds and are more like furniture for your dog. Their durable designs holds dogs up to 100 lbs. and can really add that extra oomph to your home, as well as keep your dog up off the ground.

KENNEL MATS FOR DOGS: Kennel mats are a great way to make your dog kennel or wire crate cozy and feel more like home. Our kennel mats are designed and measured to fit perfectly inside plastic kennels and crates in sizes extra small all the way up to extra large.

LOUNGER DOG BEDS: Dogs have a natural instinct to den. When dogs get ready to go to sleep, their instinct is to use their paws to dig their own den and find a spot where they feel protected. Our lounger styled dog beds are designed with that natural instinct in mind and feature higher walls and fabrics that helps satisfy that instinct to dig their own den. Shop lounger styled dog beds from top pet brands like Aspen Pet and SnooZZy for stylish and comfortable dog beds. 

ORTHOPEDIC DOG BEDS: Orthopedic dog beds are great for dogs with arthritis, back problems, joint or muscle issues, and for older dogs. These beds are usually a little more expensive than a traditional dog bed because of what's on the inside. Orthopedic dog beds are filled with special fills that evenly distributes yours pet's weight and help with healthy blood flow and relieving pressure points. Our wide selection of orthopedic dog beds offers beds with different amounts of thickness depending on your dogs weight. The heavier your dog, the thicker bed you'll need. Shop orthopedic dog beds from Petmate's exclusive La-Z-Boy line of luxury dog beds to make sure you're giving your dog a comfortable place to rest.

PILLOW BEDS FOR DOGS: If your dog likes to spread out while they sleep, a pillow styled dog bed may be best for them. These dog beds a like extra large pillow we humans use for our heads and are perfect for your dog to spread out on his tummy or back. They're also another great option to help satisfy your pet's denning instinct because they are usually filled with loose fills and can be moved around under the fabric as your dog paws at and "creates" their den. They're usually less expensive than other styles of dog beds because overt time, your dogs weight and denning instincts can flatten the pillow style of the bed.

SHAPED AND BOLSTERED DOG BEDS: If your dog likes to cuddle, a shaped or bolstered styled dog bed would be great for them. Bolstered dog beds feature overstuffed bolsters that surrounds the bed, giving your dog something to cuddle up to and keep warm. They are also great for making dogs feel protected as they sleep. Our shaped pet beds have unique features like hoods, dual entry points, or shaped like a couch to match your living room. Our SnooZZy shaped and bolstered dog beds are great for smaller dogs and puppies, as well as other small animals like gerbals, ferrets, and rabbits. 

All of Petmate's dog bedding is made with high-quality, durable materials and are designed to blend in with your home's decor OR add a pop of color to any room in your home. Most of our dog beds also include non-skid bottoms that helps keep your dog's bed in its place and have machine washable covers to keep your home smelling fresh. Shop our wide variety of the best dog beds and find the perfect one for your dog today!

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The epitome of posh, these blankets provide a cloud of comfort for pets. Proudly made in the USA, we use the most luxurious fabrics for the ultimate cuddle experience. 

Blanket Sizing:

Carrier Blanket- 15"x15"- has no ruffle

Itty Bitty Blanket- 20" x 20"- has no ruffle

Big Baby Blanket- 24" x 24" -has no ruffle

Half Blanket- 30" x 36"- has ruffle

Full Blanket- 36" x 60"- has ruffle

Jumbo Blanket- 60" x 72"-has ruffle

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Versatility meets luxury to create one of the best pet products on the market. This single item acts as a car seat, pet bed, carrier bag and more. Made with the finest in luxury fabrics, soft doesn't even do justice for the cloud of comfort provided for your pet. This reversible Snuggle Bug is machine washable, lightweight and fashion forward. It comes with a matching blanket and cushion for additional comfort. Be sure that your pet has the best with our Snuggle Bugs.

The Snuggle Bug measures approximately 12" x 16" on the interior. It has a height of 10".  Designed for pets 15 lbs and under.

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Transform any fabric into a pet bed with our plush pocket pet bed. Designed to have any pillow placed inside the pocket, you can also stuff the pocket with towels or sheets or anything soft to create a cuddle haven. The pocket bed is great for any pets that like to burrow as it has a pocket for pets too. Soft, durable and made in the USA. It is machine washable and fashion forward.

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This superior quality, custom-made dog bed is extremely durable and can be used indoor or outdoor. Also doubles as a perfect floor pillow for humans!


Bolstered side and center pillow unzip for easy maintenance and is overstuffed with our hypo-allergenic green fiber. This premium cotton blend fabric is durable and luxurious to the touch. Great for medium to high traffic use, this fabric is perfect for those looking for a more unique bed.


Muttropolis is your go-to for luxury pet beds and we carry a variety of styles for any pooch’s perfect dreams. No one likes a ruff night – so for your canine companion’s precious sleep, we carry stylish and cozy choices to satisfy their needs for chilling out.


What kind of Bed does your dog prefer? Is he a nester, a snuggler, a leaner? Or does she require an orthopedic bed to ease pressure on the joints? Cherrybrook has beds for every dog's need on sleeping preference.  Chose from our selection of dog mats and crate pads, outdoor dog beds, memory foam beds, and heated and cooling beds to keep your pet comfy and cozy.  We offer many luxury and designer dog beds in many colors, patterns, styles and sizes.


Pet Pro Supply Co. carries beds by Richell, New Age Pet, Bully Beds, BuddyRest and other top brands. Let your furry friend sleep comfortably with a premium dog bed! Check out our collection.


See the wonderful selection of beds and mats for every taste and purpose!

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Naps just got a little cozier with the FurHaven Pet Blanket.  With a self-warming, heat-reflecting core and oh-so-soft fabrics, your pet will love snuggling in for a long morning, afternoon or evening snooze (possibly all three?).  Dogs rejoice!  You can now join your human on the couch with this fabulous water-repellent blanket. 

Sanitary Needs

Super-absorbent and durable, FurHaven™ Muddy Paws™ Towel & Shammy Rugs quickly soak up water, dirt, sand and other messy stuff. Microfiber chenille “fingers” are soft and cozy! Millions of filaments attract and trap liquids and small particles making the Muddy Paws™ Towel & Shammy Rug at least 5x more absorbent than conventional mats and pet towels.



See the huge selection of puppy and dog training absorbent pads!


"Poop Happens" and "Accidents Happen" and if you have a dog, cleaning it up is inevitable!  You can clean up every mess easily with our wide variety of clean up and pick up supplies. We offer degradable poop bags, poop scoops and natural enzyme based cleaners and deodorizers as well as disinfectants and pup and adult dog hygiene products.

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